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Emmitt Smith, Dallas Cowboys Legend, Newly-Minted 





Congratulations to Emmitt!  He was inducted into the
NFL Football Hall of Fame in August 2010!!!

Welcome to Canton, and to Immortality!!!


Emmitt Retired from NFL - February 3, 2005

Emmitt's Career Accomplishments:

  1990 Rookie of the Year 

  3 time Superbowl Champion (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX) 

  Superbowl XXVIII MVP  

  NFL MVP 1993 

  8 time Pro-Bowl Selection (1990-1995, 1998-99) 

  NFL Season-Leading Rusher 1991-1993, 1995 

  1,000 yard seasons 1991-2001 (NFL Record) 

  All-Time NFL Rushing Yards Leader (18,355) 

  All-Time NFL Rushing Touchdown Leader (164) 

  Most 100 yard games (78 - new record 10/24/04)

  Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor Inductee - September 19, 2005

  • 2010 NFL Hall of Fame Inductee


Congrats to Emmitt!

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Thanks, Coach Landry & Mr. Schramm. 
The Fathers of the Dallas Cowboys
(Tex Schramm passed away 7/15/2003)

Coach Landry

Click Coach Landry's photo for a great book about him.
Mr. Schramm's photo is from the Dallas Morning News - Louis DeLuca


Emmitt's Career Numbers

Career Rushing TD's



Total Career TD's


2nd all time*

Career Rushing Yards



(End of Career - 2/3/2005)

*Emmitt had 17,162 of these yards while with Dallas.

*Jerry Rice had 208 total TDs during his illustrious career.

**Walter Payton had 16,726 career rushing yards.

***Includes a passing TD 10/3/04 (some stat-keepers do not count 
the passing TD in Emmitt's totals).


Emmitt broke Walter Payton's record on Sunday October 27, 2002
against the Seattle Seahawks.

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Please note that I am NOT Emmitt Smith, nor do I have any way of communicating with him! I am also NOT a vast repository of statistics about the Cowboys or Emmitt Smith and cannot do "lookups" for you.  Thanks.

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Please note that I am NOT Emmitt Smith, nor do I have any way of communicating with him! I am also NOT a vast repository of statistics about the Cowboys or Emmitt Smith and cannot do "lookups" for you.  Thanks.

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